The Law and Your Car After a Wreck

Oct 6, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

Car wreck in Alabama

You could lose thousands of dollars after an accident. Why? You undervalued your car.

Here is the sad truth. If your vehicle is damaged after an accident, it is worth less money. You may think that fixing it is enough, but when you go to sell it, you will see much lower offers. Would you pay the same for a wrecked and a never-wrecked vehicle? No.

As accident lawyers, we know that you need to be compensated for this loss. So, let me explain diminished value.

Your car or truck is worth one price just seconds before the accident and another just seconds after. Setting that value can be tricky, but the result can mean a good chunk of change in your pocket. Here is an example: say your vehicle is worth $50,000. Just a 10% drop is $5,000. That’s cash you need replaced by the insurance company.

Generally, you have two years to claim this value. That is the statute of limitations in Alabama. But there is a restriction: the other driver must be 100% at fault for the diminished value payout to apply.

It can get complicated. If the insurance company is playing hardball, we have to hire appraisal experts that the court recognizes as, well, experts. Having your local mechanic or someone from the dealership give you a value won’t do.

For many people, a car or truck is one of the major assets they possess. Don’t give up that value without a fight.

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Allen Ritchie

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