Termites in Mobile: Call a Lawyer

Apr 28, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

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If you see termites, I say, “See a lawyer.”

If you have a termite prevention plan, you should be termite free. Right? That is what you bought the plan for.

Well, look out for those termites ‘cause they’re coming. This time of the year is swarming season in Alabama, and at least one form of the bug will be mating through June.

Several different types of termites hit the Gulf Coast region. So don’t just look for them at only one time. Seriously, one type likes the morning, one type likes the evening, and one type hides all the time, so it is almost impossible to see those little critters.

Here is how you know there is trouble, and your retirement plans may be in danger.

See Wings

Termites generally discard their wings after they have found a mate. The two wingless bugs crawl into something warm and dry (like your house) to prepare for the next generation.

See Bug Doodoo

Termite droppings can sort of look like sawdust. Some people have said they look like a bunch of salt and pepper on your wood.

See Mud Tubes

These are tunnels of mud that termites use to get into your house. They are small and usually attached to the foundation.

Hear Hollow Walls

If you knock on the wood inside the house and it sounds too hollow, termites may be eating you, literally, out of house and home. I know a couple who found this out when they tried hanging a picture.

We have had to go after bug companies because they used the wrong treatment, too weak a treatment, or no treatment at all. The bottom line is that if you paid to stop termites, there should not be any termites inside your house.

If you suffer from termites or are hurt in a personal injury accident – car, on-the-job, slip and fall, nursing home abuse, etc. – you can talk to us at the Law Firm of Eiland and Ritchie (251) 666-1212 for free. We want to help you get back on your feet.

Plus, join us on NBC 15 LawCall here in Mobile every Sunday night at 10:30, right after the news. We’ll have some legal information you can use. Plus, we specifically set aside a few hours on Monday morning to answer any questions you may have in real-time. Just call our office.

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