Holiday Injuries: When Ho Becomes Ohhhhh

Dec 16, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie, Personal Injury

Santa is down on the floor

Santa unconscious under a Christmas tree


It is all ho, ho, ho until someone gets hurt. Prepare now, so your Christmas celebration is not spent in the ER.

Here are 4 things we are seeing this year.

Distracted Drivers Disasters

You know about Alabamians who text and drive. Numbers are up. But it is becoming more dangerous to be a pedestrian here in Mobile. Surprisingly, it may be the rush for parking spaces. Think I’m exaggerating? The National Highway Safety Administration says October, November, and December account for nearly half of the year’s pedestrian accidents.

Shopping Cart Calamities

We are seeing more hurt shoppers, especially around the big box stores. You think crowds would be less, but there is still pushing, shoving, and general non-love and joy behavior. Add to this that there are fewer employees, so more stuff remains in the aisles to trip over.

The Curse of the Package Attack

This danger is from last year, but I imagine it will happen again. We get so excited to open those gifts with the security wrapping that we puncture ourselves with screwdrivers or crazily get out a blow torch. A British survey found 60,000 people go to the emergency room each year due to “difficult to open” packages. Here in the states, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says about 6,500 Americans are injured each year just trying to open GIFTS.

Christmas Tree Trouble

I didn’t see this one, but I wanted to share it. After the holidays, a German man threw his Christmas tree out a third-story window to get rid of it. The problem was he got tangled up and flew out the window with the tree. Neighbors saw it all happen and rushed him to the hospital … after they stopped laughing. OK, I added the laughing part.

Have a safe Christmas. It is almost here. Ho, ho, ho!

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