Will a Big Rig Hit Your Car?

Aug 21, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie

Trucking accidents in Alabama


If you drive even a little around the Gulf, it is almost impossible to conceive that you have not seen a semi-tractor trailer in a wreck with a car. And it is almost never good for the car — or the occupants.

Here are the staggering figures: nearly half a million big rig accidents each year in the U.S. and roughly 5,000 deaths. Divide 50 states into 500,000, and that means around 10,000 truck accidents per state per year. The same calculation shows that about 100 people yearly will die in Alabama from truck accidents. We only have 67 counties.

Look at it this way. Each county has 1 to 2 large truck deaths each year. In the roughly 50 years you drive, 50 to 100 of your county neighbors will die in a crash with a tanker, flatbed, semi, or another large commercial vehicle.

There are predictions that the accident rate will get worse. Those packages you have delivered and want right now are helping create the number one cause of truck accidents – fatigue. Add the shortage of truck drivers, and you can see a possibly scary future.

I handle big vehicle accidents where people are hurt and am glad to do it. People hit by these gigantic vehicles (and their families) need help. It is always a fight with the trucking companies and insurance carriers, but it is well worth the struggle.

One final piece of advice: talk to your kids and tell them to back away from these multi-ton, high-speed giants. As the years go by, they will see more large vehicles on the road, and it is seldom a fight they can win.

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Allen Ritchie

Mobile Personal Injury Attorney