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Jul 8, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie

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Lawsuits are flying across soccer fields in our country. The reason – concussions and the possibility of long-term brain damage.

It is a subject I have to keep up on. Some of my auto accident clients’ concussions are no different than what a professional athlete may endure.

Here is what is happening. New studies link soccer players to the same injuries as football players, boxers, and other contact sports participants. We have long known that brain damage and concussions can lead to memory loss, impaired mental capacities, and even suicide. This tragic reality is not limited to the pros. College, high school, and even intramural leagues are seeing life-altering effects on players.

Here is one of the major concerns for soccer. Using your head to butt a ball is like being hit by a large rock. And in soccer, there are no helmets. Here is the shocker – some believe that the repetitiveness of hitting the ball with your head during practice can be more damaging than the actual games.

Now to the recent legal developments. A U.S. judge has dismissed a case that would have required FICA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, and other governing groups to change soccer rules. Primarily to reduce using a player’s head to hit the ball.

The players and parents who brought the lawsuit lost because the judge felt they could not use the courts to change the “laws of the game.” The judge also said the players or the players’ parents had decided to approve participation in the game knowing the rules and therefore agreed to the risks. One other legal note: the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, meaning these claims against FICA cannot be brought again.

However, this is not the end. I have been a lawyer for a long time and know that more lawsuits will follow. You may remember the recent settlement over concussions for a reported $1 billion with the National Football League and roughly 5,000 former players. That case had a few legal setbacks too.

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