Who To Sue After a Wreck?

May 19, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Car Wreck


If you are hurt in an automobile accident, you need money to get your life back on track. Money to pay those medical bills and to compensate you for your pain and suffering. At the least, you need money to pay for car repairs.

Where is that money coming from?

Enter the lawyer. Our primary job is to get you that cash. Finding it may well be our superpower.

Here is an example that could easily happen to you here in the Mobile area. You are hit by a driver who does not live in our state, the driver has no insurance, the driver does not own the car, and the driver was doing a delivery for his job. Where are you going to find the money to get you better?

Our investigation begins. We look for insurance since that is the most likely pool of money. If it doesn’t come from the driver or the owner of the car, then perhaps the driver’s employer? If none of those ideas are working then we need to take a closer look at your insurance. Do you have Uninsured Motorists’ coverage?

A lawyer’s investigations are not limited to money. We must prove who hurt you. This is not always obvious. I have seen many accident reports that are inaccurate. Remember, the law enforcement officer did not actually see the accident happen. Add to this, it is amazing how fast witnesses disappear and how their memories fade or get cloudy. Plus, there is saving physical evidence. I could not count how many times I have had to move quickly to save video of an accident. Video that is often erased in a matter of days or sometimes even hours.

These are just some of the reasons you need to contact a lawyer … and contact us quickly.

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Allen Ritchie

Mobile Personal Injury Attorney