As a general rule, you are responsible for any damage that termites cause to your Alabama home. This is because your insurance company will likely consider a termite infestation to be a result of homeowner negligence. However, there are a couple of exceptions to that rule that may allow you to obtain the funds needed to rebuild your house.

Was the damage related to a covered peril?

A covered peril might include hail damage, a tree falling through your home or certain types of water damage. If termites entered your home through cracks, gaps or holes caused by one of these issues, your insurance company will likely consider the damage to be the result of that covered peril.

Did your house collapse?

There is a good chance that your insurance company will pay to rebuild a home that collapses because it was eaten by termites. This is often true regardless of how long it took your property to succumb to the infestation.

There is no such thing as termite insurance

Generally speaking, the best way to protect yourself against a significant repair bill is to prevent termites from entering your home. You can do this by getting rid of dead wood outside of your house, eliminating standing water in the basement and sealing any cracks around the perimeter of the property. If you do see signs of a termite infestation, it’s in your best interest to call a professional who may be able to create a plan to get rid of this destructive insect for good.