With so many millions of vehicles on the road, few people feel surprised about the number of accidents. Not all accidents end in catastrophes; many Alabama incidents end in nothing more than property damage. Some collisions do end with people hurt or worse, however. To prevent accidents, drivers need to be alert to dangers, but many are unaware of a surprising fact: a significant number of car accidents happen almost immediately after starting a journey.

The three-minute window of danger

Vehicle accidents could happen at any time, but drivers might not think about the risks present when starting a car. Yet how many drivers turn on the ignition, back out of a parking space and hit another vehicle? Dolphin Technologies of Austria performed a study that revealed 25% of vehicle accidents happen within the first three minutes of driving.

On the surface, such a figure may seem surprising. A person leaving home to travel three miles to a highway on-ramp might not feel concerned until traveling on the expressway. Perhaps that’s where the danger lies. Drivers may feel too comfortable during the early point of a trip. Familiar surroundings and routine behavior may lull their attention.

Others may become so comfortable with the surroundings that they take chances they shouldn’t. A person living near a corner with a “do not turn on red” sign might routinely ignore it. One day, the decision to illegally turn on red leads to an accident.

Negligence within the first three minutes

A distracted driver or one who engages in a moving violation may find him or herself facing liability claims when negligent. It might not take too long for a vehicle in motion to cause significant harm; people could die after being hit by cars pulling out of a driveway.

In the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents, a lawsuit or insurance claim may follow. Victims may want to discuss their accident with an attorney to plan the path forward.