Depending on the severity of the crash, getting into motor vehicle accidents can be life-changing for Alabama residents. You may be dealing with injuries that could affect you financially after the accident or the financial repercussions that car accidents can cause. Timing and the next steps are crucial after an accident, so the last thing you want to do is make mistakes that could worsen the incident’s outcome for you. Following are some common mistakes people make after getting into a car accident.

You underestimate your injuries

Many people emerge from a car crash and assume that they’re fine because they don’t feel that bad. What many people don’t realize is that injuries often don’t show up right away, or they may be internal. The apparent absence of serious symptoms gives many car accident victims a false sense of security, so they don’t seek help. Not only does this delay care, but this mistake also creates a situation in which they may be unable to be compensated for those injuries later.

You give the insurance company too much info

You may believe that to receive assistance for your injuries, you need to provide the insurance company with as much information as possible. Insurance companies are in the business of saving as much money as possible, so don’t hand them information that could cut your care.

You don’t call the police

Neglecting to call the police is a huge mistake. The lack of a police record of the accident could make it extremely difficult to prove your case down the road.

You blame yourself

You should never blame yourself for the accident even if you were at fault. Let the investigation unfold as it needs to. Admitting fault could make it impossible for you to collect on your claim.

If you get into a car accident, speaking to an attorney who specializes in auto accidents may help protect your best interests.