Terminix Legal Settlement: Don’t Be a Loser

Nov 13, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers - Termite Damage


Terminix doesn’t want you to go to court over your termite damage or their fraudulent pricing schemes.


From my decades of practicing law I can assure you, it is because they want to pay you pennies on the dollar. No company is going to sign on to a deal that will cost them millions of dollars unless they fear it could cost them perhaps hundreds of millions.

Your problem is to either take the deal the Alabama Attorney General has brokered or get in there and fight for what you deserve. It is why I strongly suggest you talk to a lawyer. I feel it will save you plenty.

This fact may surprise you…Terminix has admitted that they pay out on average $15,000 when the customer does NOT have a lawyer. With a lawyer, however, they pay out roughly …. $1,000,000 – yes, 1 million. dollars. Of course, each case is different and there is no guarantee as to how much your case is worth, but rest assured your case is worth more with a lawyer on your side than dealing directly with Terminix.

Now, the Terminix Settlement is complex, and we really don’t know all of the details yet since no written settlement document currently exists. In a nutshell, most Alabamians who sign the Terminix Agreement will get a few hundred dollars and one free termite treatment. This is nowhere near covering the cost of repairs once termites hit.

If you want more details, check out my last week’s blog Termites & Terminix Settlement – Call Your Lawyer.

Let me reinforce one thing. Once you sign this agreement your chance of getting another penny is gone … forever.

As I tell my clients all the time, come talk to us for free before you sign. You need to know what you are giving away.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer