According to preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council, there were 38,800 car crash deaths in 2019. Perhaps you lost a loved one yourself because of a negligent driver in Alabama. The numbers are tragically high, but they do reflect a downward trend, and they may go down even further, of course, if more and more drivers acted responsibly behind the wheel.

What the NSC report said

Compared to the 39,404 and the 40,231 who died in 2018 and 2017, the number in 2019 is 2% and 4% lower, respectively. In addition, the NSC estimates that some 4.4 million crash victims had to go to the hospital. This also represented a 2% decline compared to the previous year.

States varied when it came to the improvement they saw, but there were seven states that saw a reduction of at least 13% in fatal crashes. Vermont and New Hampshire saw the greatest improvement with 31% and 30% fewer fatalities. States that saw an increase, though, included Maine (35%) and Wyoming (32%).

Reasons for the positive trend

Ten cities have adopted Vision Zero models for road safety improvement, redesigning high-crash areas and implementing other measures, the positive effects of which cannot be fully grasped as of yet. Researchers are confident that these efforts will soon bear fruit. There’s also the benefit of having more new vehicles with advanced driver-assistance systems.

A lawyer to help in this difficult time

Despite these safety improvements, though, accidents will still continue to occur as long as drivers choose to be negligent. Under wrongful death law, you may seek compensation from the responsible driver’s auto insurance company. With a lawyer by your side, you may find the process go a lot more smoothly. Third parties may gather evidence of negligence, and the lawyer may handle negotiations.