Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. And people in Alabama should know the truth about them. Often, the biker is not even at fault. Many times, inattentive automobile drivers cause serious accidents with bikers. There are plenty of actions motorcyclists can and do take to reduce the chance of having an accident.

Awareness is everything

One of the most important things motorcyclists can do is see the road clearly. This is actually an advantage of their vehicles. There are no blind spots on a bike. Even when they can’t see where the road is curving to, motorcyclists often use landmarks like trees or telephone poles that poke up over the horizon to help them navigate.

Visibility matters

Another step savvy riders take to avoid motorcycle accidents is wearing brightly colored clothing. One of the most common kinds of bike accidents is being hit by a motorist who’s turning left. It can be hard for drivers to see motorcycles. Anything a biker can do to make themselves more visible is a good step to take.

Watch the corners

The standard advice for handling corners on a bike is to enter slowly and exit quickly. Taking a corner too fast can lead to a wipeout. But if a rider realizes they’ve done this, it’s important to stay calm. They should trust in the bike even if they made a mistake. It’s very important to try and stay vertical. Dumping the bike is always bad news.

Anyone who’s been involved in a motorcycle accident should contact an experienced lawyer. Remember that insurance companies are working in their own best interests. They’re seeking to limit payouts, not provide fair ones.