Not all accidents are prevented by self-driving cars

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Firm News

Self-driving cars will be coming to Alabama roads in the future. However, these vehicles are not what they seem to many. Self-driving cars will not prevent every car accident from occurring unless the designers put aside other aims and focus entirely on safety.

Driver errors are a contributing factor in almost every car accident that happens. However, there are multiple subcategories that represent the types of mistakes that drivers make that cause the accident. Self-driving cars would prevent only two of the categories of driver mistakes. The first is misperception where drivers are impaired or are distracted. The second is incapacitation where drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or fall asleep behind the wheel. However, these account for only one-third of car accidents.

The problem with self-driving cars is that designers do not prioritize safety as their paramount concern. This was apparent in a 2018 incident where an Uber car in Arizona did not correctly predict that a woman was going to try to cross the road. The car struck and killed her. Designers also consider things such as driver convenience and performance when making these vehicles. This means that these cars are not as safe as they otherwise could be designed. Moreover, these vehicles need to improve at things such as predicting the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.

Those who have been injured in a traffic accident or have been struck by a car as a pedestrian may be eligible for substantial financial compensation. They should immediately speak with a motor vehicle accidents attorney to learn more about the process that they would need to follow to obtain payment for their injuries. They can receive financial compensation regardless of whether there is a physical driver whose actions caused their injuries. This includes self-driving cars.