When an individual enters a nursing home in Alabama, they gain a set of rights. These rights protect residents against abuse and neglect. Some people enter nursing homes because they are waning in their abilities. Therefore, they must be cared for around the clock. In order to protect those who cannot protect themselves, they have the law on their side. Here are some rights to consider.

First and foremost, nursing home residents retain the right to see their family members, physicians, and service providers when they make the request. As long as their personal possessions do not cause harm to other residents, they can keep those with them. Discrimination against the resident is not allowed. All medical records must remain confidential. If they are the recipient of Medicaid or Medicare, the resident has the right to an itemized list the funding covers. When medical care is provided on-site, the resident has the right to pick their physician and be kept abreast of all medical findings.

As a resident of a nursing home, the individual maintains the right to be free of abuse and neglect. Due to medical conditions, some residents can be difficult when being administered medical care. Even then, they cannot be tied down or forcefully restrained when it is not necessary.

Children and other family members of a nursing home resident are the best advocate. If a person notices that their parent has signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, they should speak with them. If their suspicions are confirmed, then the person can speak with a legal professional in this area. Bruises, scratches and signs of undernourishment often indicate that something is not quite right. This is a situation when it is better to be safe than sorry.