Traffic Accidents, New Laws and a New Reality

Jun 5, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers


I feel traffic accidents are on the increase. At least calls to our office about traffic accidents are up.

Here is what I have learned — people who have not driven in 3 months are a little shaky behind the wheel. Seriously, some people here in Mobile have not driven for months. If you are not careful it is going to be like bumper cars on I-10. Mostly I’m hearing about rear-enders and property damage produced in parking lots. The first is caused because people seem to have forgotten where the brake is, and the latter because they have forgotten how to judge a parking space.

Some other observations:

  • Truck traffic is up as our Knights of the Highway bring us the stuff to restock shelves.
  • Traffic congestion is increasing, and if you got used to having the road to yourself, you may have to relearn how to share.
  • And here is my biggest fear. After a long quarantine, I feel people are going to go out more, party more, and drink more. That probably won’t add to traffic safety.

People keep asking me about wearing a mask. As I said recently on NBC 15 LawCall (click here to watch video), no law requires you to wear a mask. The founding fathers never even thought there would be such a problem as COVID-19. Here is my prediction. You will see new laws governing masks and social distancing. There will be a lot of debate, but the legislature likes to make laws – it is what it does.

So, take it easy behind the wheel and grab a mask. It is a different world out there.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama personal injury lawyer