While the number of crashes on Alabama highways has not risen significantly in the past several years, the number of fatal crashes has increased. In a two-year period, the total number of people killed in car accidents has risen 13%, and people are understandably worried about the deterioration in road safety.

It stands to reason that the severity of car crashes has increased and is resulting in more fatalities. There are several things causing this. First, speed limits are on the rise in the country, and law enforcement is not always enforcing the limit. Second, police officers are not pulling over as many people for driving without seat belts as they could. Officers can stop a motorist for not wearing a safety belt as a primary offense. Third, cellphones have caused a rise in distracted driving, which generally increases the severity of a crash. When the driver is traveling at a high speed without their eyes on the road, it leads to a worse crash because they do not attempt to brake or swerve.

There are numerous ways that authorities and car manufacturers can act now to slow the rise in fatal crashes. They can install smart ignition locks that keep drivers from starting the car when drunk. States can take further steps to restrict and ban mobile device usage. Then, officers could be even more vigilant about enforcement than they have been in the past.

Those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. By working with a personal injury attorney, victims could file a claim that might result in a settlement. Their attorney may help negotiate that settlement. If none is offered, or if the settlement is an inadequate amount, the attorney might file a lawsuit on behalf of their client with the relevant court.