AL Lawyer Ads. Is Change Coming?

May 15, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Keith Haring Artwork

Artist: Keith Haring


Are some of the lawyer ads you see misleading? Well, some Alabama lawyers think so, and they want to change that.

The Alabama Bar is putting some muscle into tightening the rules that govern lawyer ads. Here are some of the things being considered:

  • No actors pretending to be accident victims
  • No guarantees that a lawyer can get you money
  • No saying a lawyer is local when his or her office is somewhere else
  • New required disclaimers

And that is just the beginning.

The reality is that you turn to attorneys to protect much of what you hold dear … your liberty, your money, your children. They need to tell you what they can do and not just dance around throwing cash and saying they will make it rain. In case you are interested, I think that was a real ad out of Texas.

I know a lot of lawyers, and it is hard to get them to agree on where to go for lunch — let alone, what disclaimers need to be on TV ads. But change is coming.

Here is my strong legal advice. Choose a lawyer to represent you with great care. Look to their experience, their success record, and what other lawyers think of them. Remember, you must live with the outcome of their work.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama personal injury lawyer