In Alabama, Jury Can’t Know About Auto Insurance

Jan 24, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers


Here is the shocking thing – In Alabama, a jury can learn about medical insurance but can not learn about auto insurance.


It is true.

Under Alabama law, you can not mention or even imply that auto insurance will pay for a verdict. If a lawyer even indirectly mentions auto insurance, a judge will likely declare a mistrial.

The fear is that a jury will award bigger amounts if they know an individual is not directly going to have to pay it.

Here is what many lawyers, including myself, think happens. By not mentioning insurance, juries tend to award lower amounts — since they think the amount of their verdict could be a substantial burden to the individual who caused the accident. Look at it this way — it is not unlikely that they identify with the person causing the accident and think such an accident could easily happen to them.

The reality is that very few people causing accidents pay anything out of their own pocket. Insurance pays.

One more thing about insurance and injury cases. Generally, you have to pay the medical insurance company back for what it paid to get you well. No double dipping is allowed. That is, you cannot have a 3rd party pay your bills and then sue someone to pay the bills you did not pay.

You can see why getting you money for your traffic accident injury really requires an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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