Change in AL Law: Less Incentive to Have Car Insurance. Really.

Jan 10, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Eastbound I-10 Tunnel – Mobile, AL
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This may shock you. It did me. A new 2020 law in Alabama helps uninsured motorists and, indirectly, hurts anyone hit by them.

Here is what the state has done.

It has changed what happens if you are caught driving without insurance a second time. It has lowered the mandatory suspension from 4 months to 3.  Really! I am not kidding. Regulators say the old law was too harsh on the uninsured driver — since those lawbreakers need to drive to work, school and/or church. The new law also changes the period you can look back for a second offense from 4 years to 3.

There was no mention that the person hit is often stuck with paying all the expenses of getting well and even paying to fix their own vehicle.

This infuriates me. Alabama should be protecting people injured by drivers without insurance, not helping more people drive without it.

Here is the reality of what I see every day. People are hurt in traffic accidents by people who can not cover the damages caused in the accident. Those hurt people are left with almost no option but to pay the expenses themselves. The fortunate ones are the ones who have taken my advice and gotten uninsured motorist coverage. At least then, there is some money to make things right.

In recent years, statistics have shown that roughly 1 in 5 Alabama drivers do NOT have insurance. Protect yourself and get uninsured motorist coverage.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer