You Be the Judge: Dad Breaks Disney Attraction

Nov 22, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

Courtesy of @DisneyDragon on Twitter


This story is real. The lawsuit isn’t. I give you this, so you have something else except football, to argue about at Thanksgiving dinner. Here we go.


A Dad wants to be a good Dad. His kids were afraid to cross the Tarzan rope-suspended bridge at Disneyland. To make the kids feel safe, the Dad goes halfway out on the bridge and starts jumping up and down. The bridge is 3 stories off the ground. Then comes that cracking sound. Yes, Dad has broken the bridge.

Who is to blame?

  1. Dad. For being for what The Sun newspaper calls an “idiot.”
  2. Disneyland. Since the adventure park should have expected people to try to use the bridge as a trampoline.
  3. No one. Since, no one was physically hurt. Embarrassed doesn’t count.

Who should sue?

  1. Dad. He was the one who’s foot went through the bridge. If he had fallen, he could have been killed.
  2. Disneyland. Since the Dad intentionally tried to damage its property, and you can’t do that even if you are at the “happiest place on earth.”
  3. Disney guests. Since after the incident, no on one could climb the tree house or walk the bridge. It was closed.
  4. The Kids. However, if kids could sue their parents for embarrassment, we would all be in court.

Why there is probably no lawsuit.

If there is no injury, there is no lawsuit. Just because someone does something wrong, that doesn’t mean you get to collect large sums of money. That is true in California or in Alabama. But if an injury did occur in Alabama and the person injured was even 1% to blame, he or she couldn’t collect anything anyway. That is just one of the peculiar laws in our state. Now argue about that over dinner.

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Allen Ritchie

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