Explain: How Lawyers Add Money to My Case

Jun 17, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

What is Personal Injury?

A good lawyer is always looking to add money to your case. This mostly comes from knowing how insurance works … but not always.

There is a statistic that is often cited stating people with an attorney tend to put more money in their pockets (even after attorney costs and case expenses) than those people without an attorney.

Here is how that is done.

First, insurance is a very specialized system. It is just plain tricky. Despite insurance advertising promises to take care of you, the system is designed to pay you as little as possible. There is a reason those insurance forms are long with a lot of potentially confusing words. It can take an expert to figure it out. That expert is often a well-trained, knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

Here are some examples that, you might think, insurance would not cover. You can sometimes have your uninsured motorists coverage pay for someone who is not covered on your car insurance but is driving your car. How about this:  your homeowner’s insurance may cover injuries caused by your dog playing a sheep at the church pageant. In both these cases, it could take a lawyer who understands the system and is willing to fight with an insurance company to get them to pay.

Second, sue someone not at the accident. This is best explained by getting the money from the person who manufactured a defective product. You may think you were hit by another driver, but really the fault is in the bad brakes. It often takes a lawyer to make these connections and find the money for you to get paid.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer