Hit by a Drunk Teenager in Alabama?

Feb 11, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

Kids and Drinking

If you are hit in a traffic accident by a teenager who has been drinking, you will need a lawyer. Period. Everyone will be pointing fingers and blaming others; plus, it can be a very complicated case.

Here is the shocker — you will probably get the money for your medical care, lost wages and to repair your property from someone who was not even at the accident. Chances are very good you will have to go against the homeowners insurance of the person who provided the alcohol.

In Alabama, a person under 21 cannot possess or consume alcohol under any circumstance — not even at home or with a parent’s permission. The liquor came from somewhere, and someone knew it was being provided. Enter the lawyer.

Here is what I face on every teen drinking wreck. First, there are a lot of laws involved and some seem to be conflicting. For example, is the driver a child or an adult? The age of majority in our state is 19; however, he or she cannot legally drink until 21.

Plus, you have a lot of people with competing interests. For example: the injured can sue, the parents of the injured can sue, the property owner can possibly be held accountable, the person who sold the liquor can be responsible and anybody else injured can want money. There may also be criminal charges.

To get my clients the money they need to get better, it is not unheard of to involve a dozen people in just one case.

Don’t be afraid to fight for the money to get better. Just be sure the lawyer you choose is in it for the fight.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer