Injured? If 1% At Fault, You Get Nothing in Alabama

Jun 1, 2018 | Allen A. Ritchie

Small Business Person

If you have a personal injury case in Alabama, it can get nasty. Just how nasty? Say you walk into some stacked lumber at a local business and suffer severe head injuries. You argue that the lumber was dangerously placed. The business only has to prove that you are a fraction of a percent responsible, and YOU GET NOTHING.

The fight is on.

Alabama is one of a few states that does not let a judge or jury assign a percentage of blame and adjust any financial settlement to that percentage. Because of this Alabama law, I think insurance companies are more likely to fight here than many other states.

This blame game is why it is especially important that if you are injured in our state you never admit fault. I tell my clients, “Do not even be sorry for any action. It can come back to hurt your case … to the tune of thousands of dollars.”

Here are some of the ways insurance companies have blamed my clients and the clients of some of my fellow attorneys:

• You were using a cell phone and not paying attention.
• You were behind the display where you should not have been.
• A reasonable person would have not walked in the water.
• We had a paper sign taped to a chair; so, we warned you.
• You were wearing flip-flops which made you fall.

There are other laws that can hurt your case in Alabama. There is going to be a fight, and you need people on your side.

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Allen Ritchie
Alabama personal injury lawyer