Injured? Get a Bigger Check by Writing It Down

Feb 5, 2018 | Allen A. Ritchie

What Is Personal Injury

If you are injured, I strongly suggest you keep a journal. I used to call it a diary, but some southern boys just don’t like the idea of a diary.

What those boys do like is a bigger check to help pay for their recovery after a traffic accident. That is where the diary … I mean journal … comes in.

You are entitled to be compensated (paid) for your pain and suffering. This is one of the biggest things lawyers and insurance companies fight about. The law in Alabama has steered clear of placing a specific dollar amount on how much you have suffered and what that is worth. Instead, they rely on a jury to make that judgement. That means your money often depends on how well you present the facts.

Here is the problem — people just forget. A case can last months, if not years, and the details will fade over time. By writing down your experiences, you can refresh your memory when time comes.

Here are some pain and suffering situations you can easily forget: loss of sleep, fear, worry about your job, nervousness about your overall health, embarrassment, social rejection, and even all the times you felt pain.

Here is another thing I tell my clients. Write on the cover the words “For My Attorney.” This will at least give us a chance at keeping your private thoughts, well, private. Alabama has been strong in protecting attorney-client privilege.

One other thing is don’t lie. You will go through enough that you do not have to embellish.

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