Explain: Termites and Alabama Law

Feb 23, 2018 | Allen A. Ritchie

Termites – Mobile

If you have termite protection, don’t take any excuse from that company to not repair or replace your house.

Fraud happens, perhaps more times than you realize.

Here is a case right from Alabama. A couple hired a pesticide company to protect their home from termites. It was a big investment for them and they wanted to make sure their property was safe. When they found termites, they called the company. Want to guess what the company president did? The company now admits its president shredded all the customer records. Why? To conceal that the company has used too little pesticide to actually stop termites.

This kind of fraud is not unique.

So if the people you hired to keep your home safe have failed you. What can you do?

First you want to get a reliable termite inspection. Early detection is critical to preventing additional damage. Plus, you may need it in a lawsuit. Then call an experienced attorney in termite litigation so you can get the money you deserve to make the house right.

Let me remind you not to take any of the excuses a pesticide company may give you for not fixing the problem. No termites is what you paid for. Do not settle for anything less.

You may think that termites can never harm you. However, termite damage costs billions of dollars a year in the U.S. Remember, most insurance policies expressly do not cover this type of damage .

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Allen Ritchie

Personal Injury Lawyer