That Boy May Be Lying! What You Can Learn from My Years’ Practicing Law

Sep 29, 2017 | Allen A. Ritchie

People lie to lawyers. Man, do people lie. I have 4 go to strategies that I use to discredit a liar (mostly in court) and you may be able to use them if you get accused of something you didn’t do.

Number One — MOTIVATION. What does the liar have to gain by making this false statement?  This can range from a financial payoff to the liar trying to date your girlfriend. People usually lie for a reason.

Number Two — CHARACTER.  I will bring out past lies and even criminal convictions if it will help the case. For your purposes, you can point out that he doesn’t pay his child support or perhaps bragged about scaring an elderly neighbor with his dirt bike. People (and juries) do not trust people who are not good folk.

Number Three — CONTRADICTIONS.  Here I try to show what he says is inconsistent with what other witnesses say. The best is to get him to disagree with something he has already said. If you can do that, you are close to case closed.  If he tells co-workers that you stole his lunch and you can prove he didn’t bring one that day … jackpot!

Number Four — PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. Show that he wasn’t close enough to see who ran over the mailbox or even better that he was drunk. Prove this and the jury (or your friends) will negate most anything he says.

One other thing about lying, don’t do it in court. Judges don’t like it and prison could be the punishment.

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Allen Ritchie

Personal Injury Attorney