Is Grandma Abused? Get Second Opinion.

Aug 24, 2017 | Allen A. Ritchie

Nursing Home Abuse

Even if you have been turned down by a lawyer in a nursing home case, contact at least one other lawyer.

Proving nursing home abuse is not an exact science. If requires a strong knowledge of government regulations and expert testimony that can send a case in many different directions. Though difficult, proving abuse can be done.

As a lawyer, one of the first things I do is contact the facility. A phone call or letter from a lawyer will usually put extra eyes on the situation and immediately help improve the patient’s care.

In my experience, often the elderly person cannot communicate clearly what is happening to them. This is why the observations of family and friends become so important. I have actually known nursing home workers who have alerted the family to abuse within the facility. There are many excellent nursing home workers out there who really care about the well-being of the patients.

You are going to hear more and more about this type of abuse. In Alabama, the number of people going into nursing homes has expanded with new nursing home facilities opening throughout the state. Some appear to be cutting staff to increase profits and this often leads to inferior care and less qualified workers.

Nothing angers me more than hearing of the abuse of older people. Often like with children, they cannot defend themselves and rely on us to do it for them. Thankfully the law provides avenues to stop elder abuse and to compensate the victims and their families for the misdeeds.

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Allen Ritchie
Personal Injury Attorney