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Do not rely on your 2nd cousin for information about getting hurt on the job. Really, your cousin may know how to change a sparkplug but he or she is often mistaken on your legal rights.

Here is just one reason you need to go see a lawyer if you are hurt at work.

Generally in Alabama, when you’re injured on the job, you can only sue your employer for worker’s comp benefits.  The business’ obligation to you is the worker’s comp benefits. However, that does not mean that you cannot get compensation from another person or business that contributed to your injury.

Here are some examples from my case file and my discussions with other lawyers:

A worker was injured by a sawblade that was defective.  That worker received money from the manufacturer of the sawblade as well as worker’s comp. It also led to a recall so no other workers would be injured by this defective product.

A construction worker was injured by the negligence of a subcontractor. He was hit by a piece of wood and fell two stories onto a driveway. Though he could not sue his own employer, he did file suit against the insurance company of the subcontractor’s employer.

A delivery person was involved in a work related traffic accident when the other driver ran a stop sign. The worker was able to file suit against the person who hit her.

In the legal business, these are called 3rd party claims. They can often be substantially more valuable than worker’s comp payments.  However, they also can be complicated andoften require a lawyer to investigateand work out the details.

If you suffer a personal injury or property damage you can talk with the lawyers at Eiland and Ritchie for free. There is no cost until we collect for you. We want to help you get back on your feet.

Allen Ritchie

Personal Injury Attorney