Slip And Fall

If that girl falls on the castle staircase, there is going to be a lot of lawyering up.

The new Beauty and the Beast movie is getting a lot of attention for its music and costuming but I want to focus on just one thing … that staircase. It is a lawsuit ready to happen.

The problem is what is called slip and fall. If Belle takes a tumble it could be more the head of maintenance Cogsworth’s fault than Belle’s.

Trouble usually involves one of four areas; in my experience, proving any one of them and you have a good chance of a successful lawsuit.

First, a missing or damaged handrail. I am not sure there is even one at the castle.

Second, debris on the stairs. You can have all the cute dancing cutlery you want but leave a napkin on the ground and you could be in trouble.

Third, worn or rounded steps. It seems to me the Beast’s staircase is designed to encourage slipping off the edge.

And finally, steps that are too highly polished and slippery. Need I say more. The Beast’s stairs almost blind you with high gloss.

Now as in any slip and fall case, you have to prove that the property owner knew of the danger or so much time has gone by that they should have known of the danger. I say we argue time. That staircase has been around quite a while and the maintenance crew seems to have been there just about as long.

My final advice: go enjoy the movie but take a few minutes this week to look around your own castle for potential dangers. Keep your own Belles and Beasts safe.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama personal injury lawyer