Nursing Home Abuse

Can you sue if your loved one is hurt while at a nursing home in Alabama? Well, the short answer is yes but the decision to do so can be complex.

Though abuse cases nationwide have yielded millions of dollars for victims and their families, most cases are difficult to prove requiring hours of investigative work.

My experience with such cases focuses not only on the usual gathering of medical records but also the detailed interviews of staff and witnesses. I have found that many people who get into the healthcare business truly want to help patients and eliminate those providing substandard care.

Depending on the severity of your case, you can contact the police. This provides an official record of your concerns. I also suggest you contact the nursing home but remember that anything you say or do could be used later at trial.

Most cases are settled out of court with a variety of insurance companies that cover the nursing home, workers, equipment manufactures and the like. I would suggest you never speak with an insurance company without a lawyer. Remember, an insurance company is not there to provide justice but rather to pay out as little as possible.

In my experience, here are some things to look for that can lead to abuse. The biggest is unexplained injuries. This can mean that your loved one is being treated roughly or that his or her needs are being ignored. Also, if you find your visits are being restricted, this is a big red flag that something is going on.

If you suspect abuse, you can talk to us at Eiland and Ritchie for free. There is no charge unless we collect for you. We want to help you and in doing so keep our Alabama nursing home residents safe.

Allen Ritchie
Alabama personal injury lawyer