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New Law – New Vet Benefit

  If you know a veteran exposed to toxic chemicals, make sure they know about a new law. It is called the PACT Act, and it expands benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. The president signed the legislation about a...

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Hurt at a Stadium? Who Pays?

  When you hear a coach say, “Keep your eye on the ball.” The advice may be to the players … and to the fans. Here is why. As a rule, the law says if there are inherent dangers in watching a sport and you decide to attend, you are responsible for any injury. So,...

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The Law and Your Car After a Wreck

You could lose thousands of dollars after an accident. Why? You undervalued your car. Here is the sad truth. If your vehicle is damaged after an accident, it is worth less money. You may think that fixing it is enough, but when you go to sell it, you will see much...

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