Termites Attack: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Termite Damage in Mobile, Alabama

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If you have termite protection but still get termites, our experience tells us that the fight is on. You fight the bugs; we fight the bug company. Mobile and Baldwin counties are some of the worst areas of the country for termites. That is why pest control companies come here. They know we need protection. However, in Alabama, some of those companies have committed down right fraud and refused to fix the problem.

At Eiland and Ritchie, we know how to fight for you. We will gather a team of lawyers and pest control experts to get you the money you deserve to fix your house and property. We have seen our clients collect hundreds of thousands of dollars. This after the pest control companies have repeatedly said they were not paying.

Termites? Don’t wait. Talk to us for free. There are specific laws and specific time limits.

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