About Us

The Eiland & Ritchie Law Firm was formed in 2002 by Bill Eiland and Allen Ritchie. Each lawyer had successful practices before deciding to partner with each other.  So why partner?  The reasons were simple, they shared a common life goal and passion to pursue justice for all and provide the highest quality representation for personal injury victims and their families.

More than that, the Eiland & Ritchie Law Firm is founded on the notion of respect, that people should be treated like people and get what they deserve within the framework of the law. Finally, being accessible matters, Bill and Allen want you to be able to pick up the phone and know someone will be there who cares. It is no accident that the offices of Eiland and Ritchie are in west Mobile, rather than downtown Mobile like most lawyers around the area. Bill and Allen decided they needed to come to where people really live and work. The Eiland & Ritchie Law Firm needed to be rooted in the community. But most importantly, it had to be physically accessible to injured clients. Located in the heart of the county in Tillman’s Corner, you can easily reach the office without having to worry about parking or long walks to get to your lawyer. Of course, if you are unable to come to Eiland & Ritchie, they’ll come to you.